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Payroll Services for Small Businesses Nationwide

Imagine the time you’d save if you didn’t have to worry about processing payroll every week? Spend time doing the work you love, or time away from work altogether, and let North Pacific Accounting process your payroll on a weekly or biweekly basis.

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Seamless Payroll Support, Every Pay Period

Make payroll effortless with North Pacific Accounting. Our streamlined solutions will save you time and guarantee accuracy, supporting businesses of all sizes. Enjoy peace of mind with every payroll cycle.

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Streamline Your Payroll Process

Trust North Pacific Accounting to handle your payroll accurately and efficiently, allowing you to focus on what matters most—growing your business with confidence (or taking time for yourself).

Direct Deposit Made Simple

We ensure timely and accurate payments through our reliable direct deposit services. Whether it’s regular paychecks, commissions, bonuses, or special circumstances like mid-cycle payments, our streamlined solutions provide secure and efficient handling, ensuring your team is always taken care of.

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Complete Payroll Tax Compliance

North Pacific Accounting manages all aspects of federal, state, and local payroll taxes, handling calculations, filings for forms like W-2s, 1099s, 940s, and 941s, as well as quarterly reports to maintain your business’s compliance and operational efficiency.

What to Expect with Payroll Services

Onboarding Your Business

Gather Information

  • We will schedule an initial consultation to thoroughly understand your business’s payroll needs.
  • Our team will gather employee details, compensation structures, and any special payment circumstances.
  • We will review existing payroll systems and data to ensure a smooth transition.
  • We will review benefit and payroll deductions to ensure compliance and tax accuracy.
  • We can audit and review previous pay periods to correct any prior mistakes and run and off-cycle payroll or true up as needed.

Forms & File Management

  • We will assist in completing required forms such as W-4s, I-9s, and direct deposit authorizations.
  • Our team manages all necessary tax forms including W-2s, 1099s, and quarterly tax filings.
  • We ensure compliance with federal, state, and local tax regulations from the start.
  • You will have a portal to view all prior filings and payments. 
  • We ensure you still keep required access directly with tax agency to confirm and update access as needed. 

Ongoing Payroll Services

Calculate Payroll

  • We accurately calculate payroll based on hours worked, salaries, bonuses, and commissions.
  • Our team handles deductions for taxes, benefits, and retirement contributions as per employee elections.
  • We provide detailed payroll reports for transparency and record-keeping.

Secure Processing & Timely Payments Via Direct deposit

  • We utilize secure systems for processing payroll to protect sensitive employee data.
  • We ensure timely direct deposit payments to employees’ accounts on scheduled pay dates.
  • Our team handles special payroll requests promptly, including mid-cycle payments and adjustments.

Staying compliant with federal, state, & local Taxes

  • Our team addresses any tax inquiries or audits efficiently, ensuring your payroll remains compliant and error-free.
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Trust that your financials are taken care of with experts that prioritize your business while maintaining industry standard best practices.

Always On Time

Get consistent and reliable reporting to help you make informed business decisions

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Your success is our top priority! We know the importance of trusting your bookkeeping and we're on it.

Stress Free

All clients have direct access to book a direct virtual meeting at a time that works best for them.


What our clients are saying.

I now enjoy running my company and don’t have to stress about all the things I’m not comfortable doing.
Jack O'neil
Owner, Jack's Construction
Quite possibly the best investment I could have made when starting my new creative business. NPA helped give me the peace of mind I needed to focus on the more important things of running a business.
Blake Elliott
Founder at BE Creative
NPA cleaned up my books and set me on a course for the future. My accounts have never looked so good!!!
Larry Madison
Owner, Importers Forwarding Co.
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